To the menu, made of beautiful seasonal stories.

Lola, since 1994

Order a dish from grandma, a vol-au-vent, and feel the memories rush back.

Lola, since 1994

One says that I am an angel ; the other that I am not the devil…

Lola, since 1994

I am an alchemy.

Lola, since 1994


12 February 1995, my first duck breast with figs. 6 November 1998, my first scallop festival, a carpaccio of that heavenly shellfish with olive oil. 4 March 2000, my first dish from grandma, a vol-au-vent, with chips. 24 May 2008, my first Irish filet pur with Archduke sauce. 8 September 2012, my first organic meadow chicken, prepared on a spit. 16 April 2015, my first…

I make Sablon’s taste buds dance.
More Sablon than me, you’ll die.
At le Sablon, the good humour of Brussels.

The trendy heart of Brussels

Le Sablon is the historic heart of Brussels. A link between the lower and upper parts of the city, between the Mont des Arts museums and the flea markets of the Jeu de balle square, this symbolic place Brussels merry-making was the district for antiquarians and gallery owners specialised in ancient and ethnic art. It is still there but now home to renowned chocolatiers and chic boutiques.

One history, many stories.
Twenty years old already, you say ? I cradled your son when he was just six months old.
If I haven’t said it twenty times, I haven’t said it once.

Caroline, François, Henri, Larbi, Laurent.

Lola, it is the story of a meeting between people who did not know each other but who had things to do together. They shared an idea of good and beautiful, a desire to do good and beautiful things. The gourmet adventure began one evening in December 1994. Twenty years of beautiful stories. Twenty years to stir your feelings. But, you haven’t seen anything yet. Yours, Lola.